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HalleluYah means BIBLE

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on September 30, 2009

To mean the BIBLE, she said HalleluYah
To mean the BIBLE, she said HalleluYah

This is the Mayflower Buffet —I used to frequent when I got hungry. The all variety sea-food they served are always awesome. “As much as you can take,” is the business here. It is owned by a Chinese young lady. Many customers thronged here and had meals day in and day out.

One day I found one of the employees was with a thick book, she kept on reading it. She looked serious and sincere. She had been working in this Buffet for more than a year, whereas her co-workers are new people on all occasions I had ever been there. To ask her was of course possible, but to get the answer for my understanding was a sort of impossibility as she could not communicate with me in English.

Well, as she was reading, I gently approached her. I could see ‘6’ in big bold letter print that made me curious that that book could have been a Bible. Then, I just asked her what BOOK she was reading. She whispered softly that I could not make out whether it was of a Canton or a Mandarin language. I asked her once again what that Book which she was reading earnestly! She told me something which I could not comprehend … she wore a happy smile on her face and mumbled —that I could not understand … and then, after a few moment, she burst out saying HALLELU-YAH for my understanding! What an idea! She did not know the name of the Book in English! It is good to HAVE the Bible —not only that, but also to BEHAVE biblically!

Then, I could catch it very very clearly that she was a sincere Christian, a Chinese Christian speaking the mainland Mandarin! The new relation we had was exchanging smiles and I thought I saw in her eyes the beauty of Jesus, the Christ. Each time I had been there, a secret Christian relationship ensued in every action she had exhibited, how nice is to find a Christian with an open Bible!

It made me recollect the story of the long lost hair-comb. One woman cracked with joy, yelling aloud that she recovered her hair-comb between the pages of her Bible … she held her old Bible that was a dust covered and part of them was spun with cob-webs.  What a joy to open her Bible at last —at least to recover her long lost hair-comb! Christians are many kinds —veneer or Bereans!


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  1. Zaia said, on October 5, 2009 at 8:26 am

    A ngaihnawm dangdaiin thuziak thiam ziah a ni tih a chiang hle mai. Bible hming English-a hriat loh .. 🙂

    Ni e, Kristian dan hrang hrang hi a tam khawp mai.

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