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Old Wagon and Arizona Desert

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on September 30, 2009

Old Wagon in Calico

Old Wagon in Calico

Majestic beauty of the Rockies

Majestic beauty of the Rockies

 The Cowboy town on the hill side enthralled me so very much, they call this town Calico where all the archives are maintained. It’s worth to get into this Town.

Our hike in not yet done, we have seen only some parts of North  America. It is vast. It is beautiful. It is rich. It too is God’s creation and hundred-years of man-made combined together —to know and to love is every individual’s responsibility! You are invited dearly, Chawnghilh is creating for you special attractions through this blog, feel free to visit it from wherever you are! Have a wonderful day! That day, we covered a long journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Highway 15E. The weather was dull and the city was enshrouded by clouds and visibility was poor —it was rather a LOST Angeles!


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