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Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on September 30, 2009

Sekhupthur Par

Sekhùpthùr Pâr



Our wild-flowers in Mizoram could be a very well-cared household flower in the United States. I still remember the Anthur seeds we mailed to our family’s American friend in California. It was very much well taken care of—its germination cheered the couple in the hope that the flowers would be entirely exotic—so, it was well watered, properly fenced with rod-supporters. So that the tender plants would not break or sway in the California strong gale.

The man (Joseph B. Courville with wife Lorraine Courville) who tendered the anthur plant got so excited and purchased a graduation scale from the Home Depot and measured the height of anthur each week-end. At long last, he had his final standing record in his Log-book that the anthur plant reached 18 feet and it did bloom! When we received a very fascinating  letter from him—of the detail story on how well-care was given and the extreme height of the anthur plant—it was rather an insipid humor for our family. Yet, many lessons to delve out rather!

Things are different in India from the things handled in the United States since long long time ago. Anthur and anthurium should not be confused!







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