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Finding Right Spot

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on September 30, 2009

One day, we happened to drive through the Mackinac (pronounced Makinaw) Bridge in Michigan, USA. My true intention was to take the photograph of the bridge which measured five miles long. As it was my first time, I got real lost and had no idea about the good spot to be chosen from which place I could have all the huge steel bridge within a sweet little frame.
At the counter of the Toll, a young guy on duty was invitingly seated. He quite resembled American native by his facial cut, sharp nose –with long hairs flowing down his shoulders.
Then, I lowered my car window-glass and asked, “Hi guy! Which site could be the best spot for taking photograph of this huge long bridge… Could you help me, please?” And, he wittily responded with a big smile on his face, “Try to find an exact spot from where you can see the whole bridge, it could be best that way,” and he giggled and frowned away!

And, with a great laughter —we moved toward a place we thought the best spot! And the photograph of the bridge had been stored in the laptop that I dumped a few months ago! That was rather a bad spot for the sweet little frame I could no longer treasure any more!

Click on photo to magnify …


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