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Manias and Phobias

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on October 1, 2009

Agromania means a morbid desire to live in the open country, especially in solitude.

Bibliomania means an intense passion for collecting books.

Dipsomania means an abnormal craving for drink.

Egomania means an excessive and morbid love of oneself.

Kleptomania means an uncontrollable urge to steal.

Megalomania means an exaggerated worship of one’s own greatness. There is, for example, an interesting story told about Theodore Roosevelt, who according to some of his contemporaries, was addicted to megalomania. When Roosevelt came to heaven, so the story goes, he set about reorganizing the celestial choir. “What you need,” he said to Saint Peter, “is a hundred thousand sopranos, a hundred thousand tenors, and a hundred thousand baritones.” “What about he bassos?” asked Peter. “I, replied Teddy Roosevelt, “sing basso.”

Monomania means an obsession with one particular object or idea. One everything else except his own pet delusion the monomaniac may be absolutely sane.

Nymphomania means ungovernable sexual desire on the part of a woman.

Plutomania means a madness for money.

Pyromania means a morbid urge to set to set things on fire. And now, for the other side of the picture —the mental disorders known as phobias:

Ailurophobia means a strong fear of cats.

Androphobia means an irrational fear of men.

Claustrophobia means an excessive dread of enclosed palces, a deep fear of being locked in.

Cynophobia means a morbid fear of dogs.

Hydrophobia means an overpowering dread of water; this is also the medical term for the disease resulting from the bite of a mad dog.

Hypsophobia (also called Acrophobia) means an uncontrollable fear of high places.

Nyctophobia means an excessive fear of night or of darkness.

Thanatophobia means an irrational fear of death.

Triskaidekaphobia means fear of death.

Xenophobia means an aversion to stangers or foreigners.

Are you clear enough about manias and phobias?



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