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Yom Kippur never falls on Tuesday

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on October 1, 2009

Why does Yom Kippur never fall on a Friday, a Sunday, or a Tuesday?

While all other fast days that fall in the Sabbath in a particular year are postponed to Sunday, Yom Kippur must be observed on its appointed day: the tenth of Tishri, as prescribed in the Bible. The calendar was designed so that the tenth of Tishri should not fall on a Friday, Sunday, or Tuesday. If Yom Kippur were to fall on a Friday, it would be impossible to prepare food for the Sabbath. If it were to fall on a Sunday, it would be impossible to do on the Sabbath all that is necessary to prepare for the fast. If it were to fall on a Tuesday, Hoshana Rabba would fall on the Sabbath and the requirement that aravot (willows) be beaten would not be able to be observed, for this would be a violation of the Sabbath.

Mrs Ellen Gould White, Adventists prophetess claimed October 22, 1844 was Yom Kippur; as a matter of fact October 22, 1844 fell on Tuesday and the true Yom Kippur observed by the Jews did correspond September 23, 1844. What a wrong coincidence and another Great Disappointment to be before the White Throne Judgment —despite claiming the message came from God!


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