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He was a hippie, now He is happy!

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on October 2, 2009


A BIG-TOED, Mizo (Lushai chhok-ra) —a country boy who was hailed from Maubàwk-Bûngkàwn, Aizâwl is HERE today before you, he ought to appear before a Judge —after many moons hang-over! Born on July 13, 1958. Raised by a single parent for quite some time —had wonderful stories in his boyhood School days. The Nursery School is generally meant for toddlers; but this boy had his roll called every school day if he did not play truant. He stood tallest and one of the oldest pupils in this Nursery School, located at Nursery-Bûngkàwn, Aizâwl – Mizoram, India.

One day in the class room, this boy felt a serious tummy-upset that stormed him inside out. But, being a bashful boy he dared not tell his teacher while the class was going on. Who can stop the volcanic eruption? Then, he soon lost his every gut over the ultimate nature call —he just did it on the school bench made of bamboo. It was not done purposefully, it was understood by all toddlers that it was accidental. The boy loitered around the School and went home to change his clothes. Unfortunately, nobody was there at home. He came back to the school with house-flies buzzing around him. But, to his delight, his seat was covered with sand which he himself could see through from the School window, and some toddlers closing their noses with their fingers —played fun with the sand-cover bench, pointing with their other finger, “Stench, Sailo phoo phoo (defecating) here!”

He had his final roll call in Junior High School. But, he was a talented and popular musician. He rolled drums in a rock-band administered by the Proprietor of the Don Bosco Tailoring. He was talk of the Town. He could eat anything that was offered to him, and he had merciful friends in BOOZE business. As time rolled by, he absconded from his hilly homeland and joined the Hippie movement in somewhere in the adjoining areas of Bombay (now Mumbai, India). He waxed long his hair —flowing down his waist that has never been washed and the scalp was the grazing meadow, a greener pasture for lice and the jean-clad lad had no ambition in life that time.

Emboldened himself in true spirit —he had a chance to join the Indian Naval Wing for another stricter roll call —he cleaned up docks —loading and off-loading cargo goods at which he was skilled with his mighty muscle. He traveled many voyages, visited many countries with lots and lots of peculiar experiences. At last —got on the shining shore of the United States with a made-up spirit of an iron-will.

Today is a blessed day in a shining glory … October 2, 2009 … all time inebriated, a very successful man has been sworn in ‘to be the faithful citizen of US.’  As a matter of fact, he lost his Indian Passport (somebody purposefully dumped it away out of jealousy) … but TODAY is here, the embracing hands of God are upon this freaky gentleman.

I too was invited to witness his swearing in ceremony —but Friday being my busiest day … I could not join him. And this is my apology at the same time. Yet, I heartily congratulate him on his new allegiance to his gotten new citizenship in a Land of the Free, and a land of the Brave —where he found his fortune and success. I do not need to mention his name —any Mizo who reads this message could have pointed him out … he is a man of long hair, fluent in American English (slanguage), drinks like a fish, drunk like a skunk, smokes like a chimney, smart in making friends, skilled and wise in his capacity (no offence intended) —I once more congratulate him on his new nature of being a Citizen of the United States of America —now, he is our American Friend! 

Bah Morning Star

Bah Morning Star


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  1. Mzvision said, on October 25, 2009 at 2:21 am

    Wow I got one real Americano friend 🙂 I had one memorable time spent with him rafting meandering Tlawng river. Spent nights on the river bank under January rain.He is tough, polite and polished perhaps through street smart American sojourn.

    He tested good life, best wines, dirty dozens person, all kinds of music gadgets and instruments, gizmos yet kept his ’70s dress to continue his American dream but remains Sailopa

  2. […] Chawnghilh tih hi han click keuh ula chawnghilh-a thuziak thiam dan in hmuthei ang […]

  3. H. Vangchhia said, on October 25, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    siat hi chu a selo mawle

  4. samuelapa said, on October 26, 2009 at 5:57 am

    My congrats and best wishes to STP. His story reminds me of a novel I’ve read a long time back, The Adventurer by Harold Robbins.

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