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Nghâwng chen means Niagara

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on October 4, 2009

American Native-ho tawng hi a lo pawimawh tel khawp mai! ‘Philadelphia’ han tih hian a Grik tawng ruih mai a; ‘Niagara’ han tih meuh erawh chuan ‘American Red Indian’ tawng a lo ni tlat mai! Red Indian-ho hi hnam chi hrang an tam ve nasa mai a; chùngho chanchin erawh chu tùn tuma kan chhui bing tùrah ngai lo ila —

NIAGARA means ‘across the neck’ tiin Michael Gorham-a chuan ‘The REAL BOOK about Indians”-ah a lo ziak a. A lehkhabu thuhmahruai hi ngaihnawm ka tih èm avàngin ka’n târlang tel zuai teh ang —“Copper-skinned Indians ran down the beach to greet Christopher Columbus in the year 1492. Although Columbus didn’t know it, groups of these remarkable people were all over the Americas, some were warlike hunters, others peaceful farmers. Some lived in the North in log houses, others in Far West apartment houses!

Here is the story of these first Americans: how they lived, the contributions they made to our life today, and how their lives have changed since the coming of the white man. These are tales about famous Indians, such as Sitting Bull, who organized the Plains Indians for peace; Sacajawea, who led Lewis and Clark across the Rockies; and Sequoyah, who invented a unique system of writing. There’s a wonderful section about Indians Where You Live, which gives the meaning of Indian names of the towns, rivers, and mountains near your home.

Oliver Lal Farge, noted Author, ethnologist and president of the Association on American Indian Affairs, says about The Real Book About Indians:

“This is a badly needed book, the first that I have seen that one may place in the hands of an interested child without feeling it necessary to make any corrections. It is readable, inclusive, and technically correct.”

American, Bridal leh Horseshoe FALLS-te han belh chian tàk rau rauvah chuan —Niagara Lui chu a lo thùk tham hauh lo mai a; patling nghâwng chen vèl a ni tih chu a hriat khawp mai! A lui luang hi a dam fû a, a lui chhuatah chèngkawl chu an bet nghet tàwk tùrah ngai ta ila, a lui tui hi a thianghlim sùr mai a, a remchâng laiah ka zuk in hràm pek a nih kha —Zo-pa takin!

A hmunhmâ hi a lo nuam viau mai a, a thawnthu chipchiar chu ka ziak sêng lul lo vang. Chawhma ruah surin min tibuai hle a; “Maid of the Mist” an tih —lawnga zuk chuan chhûng zawng pawhin ruahpuiin min nuai a. Thlalàk pawh a harsa, lens a huh a hlauhthàwnawm si! Mahse, chawhnu lam chu nihliappui nèn kan inhawl chhuak ta ringawt a … a nuam phian tho. Thlipui leh ruahpui rawn thawk leh tùrin Weather Forecast lam chuan an puang nàa, tlai lamah chuan chhimbàl mawi tak kan hmu ta thung a, a làwmawm phian e. Zàn lam, hah hnèphnàwpin, Hotel-ah, “Whose pictures are more appealing?” tia inel chu a nuam mangkhèng viau!

Chawhma ruahsûrin min tibuai, chawhnu-ah nihliappui nèn

Chawhma ruahsûrin min tibuai, chawhnu-ah nihliappui nèn

Inneih chhima thla inlàk mawi siak a nuam

Inneih chhima thla inlàk mawi siak a nuam



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