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Mother, I remember your prayers

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on October 7, 2009


Mother, my beloved mother …

I remember a day, it was a day worth remembering —upon my head rested your loving and caring hands, you prayed to our family’s heavenly God —to the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and the God of Jacob … today is its anniversary. Beside you was my father, and none others in the room within a glass-door of our family business transaction.

Mother, I was about to leave you that day, my well-packed racksack was beside me, and more than 100 Bibles (of diverse publication) were our faithful and silent witnesses. Mother, I love you so much, how are you today? I never heard your voice, and I never called you either! I was a prince while I was by your side, and here I am a servant —serving in the lowliest job the world has ever known!

Today is many another October 7 … since I have been gone and Lord’s mercy on all of us! I appreciate your love for me, and I remember you said you’d receive me at the Lengpui Airport any moment I come home. Mother, how is your health to enable what you promised me? I am good here. Have a wonderful time, and remember me in your prayers. I look forward a day to be together again. Praise the Lord, Almighty!


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