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Apple-Butter Festival 2009

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on October 10, 2009


Once more in the Apple-Butter Festival—annually scheduled —held at Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. As for me, John Denver’s numbers to be played and be tuned in all along the narrow winding country roads in the West Virginia —and the old same Blue Ridge Mountain lying across the continent —in front, behind and side —as we change our driving directions! “Take me home, to the place … I belong West Virginia … ” OH MY …

Last year, at this time of year, we attended the Festival —parades and tableau displays were on the scene the whole forenoon! The Carnival was grand and many people thronged and graced this special occasion —which is held during the first/second week of October. Eats and drinks, outdoor kiosks/booths every where —and the Musical Bands all around! Country Music and Songs —you’d surely drink and dance! 

And, I already filled gasoline to appear again —October 11, 2009 would be a nice day, everyone of you can borrow my eyes again. I am trying to bring home many pictures, so that you can too participate in the Cyber-Festivities. In general, American WHITES do participate in this festival, it’s a kind of their Pâwl Kùt —I seldom saw any of the African-American!

Zotawng ngeiin ziak ang àw —dâr 9:35 AM vèlah kan tlàn chhuak thei àwrh a —270 N pawh tùrin Veirs Mill kawng an lo siam that avàngin rei ngial Car mawng kan inhnìm thup (bumper to bumper) mai a; mahse, thâl tuikang nghàk pawhin thàl (suah) hun kan nei ve mai ang bawkin —tawlh chhet chhet hnu chuan  kan tlàn dùk ve thei ta a. Kan tluang khawp mai —70 N-a pakai zèlin, 522-ah vei lamah kan kual ta zauh va … West Virginia ramrì kan lùt a ni ta mai a. Chuta tang chuan mêl 6 vèl bàk tlàn tùr a awm tawh chuang lo —kal lam hian mêl 104 kan tlàn a. Hàwn lamah erawh chuan mêl 40 vèlin kan tlàn thui ta zàwk a ang bawk! 

Cadets on struts

Cadets on struts

Well-trained —Catch Them Young!

Well-trained —Catch Them Young!

Every scene captivates YOU!

Every scene captivates YOU!Kawng kam pawh a lo mawi ve hman tawh fû


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  1. H. Vangchhia said, on October 10, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    Vawin keini pawh Fall Festival, PA ah kan va kal alawm. Mizoram lam thianzaho kim theih nise ka ti thin mange, hetiang nikhua hi chuan. Hlim deuhin i hun i hmang dawn nia

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