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Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on October 14, 2009

Berkeley Springs was officially chartered in 1776 as the Town of Bath by George Washington and speculating friends, who envisioned the site of these ancient healing springs as a spa. The buoyant warm waters still flow freely, attracting a thriving community of massage therapists, homeopathic specialists, and artists. A variety of small inns, antiques shops, spa retreats, and services make this a year-round haven for relaxation. Once you got into this resort, you’d feel a great miss for another occasion when a time comes in its own season!

Thalaite kawm an nuam
Thalaite kawm an nuam

Scenic Drives —Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Goshen Pass wind through spectacular mountain scenery (Charlottesville and the Shenandoah Valley). A 25-mi drive north along Route 20 from Charlottesville to Orange takes us through gently rolling countryside, past stately horse farms and vineyards. For a stirring panorama of the famous buildings and monuments of Washington, DC., driving north from Alexandria on the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Between Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore stretches the 17-mi Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, an engineering wonder that has us surrounded by sea without leaving our car; a fishing and observation pier and a restaurant are along the way.

Beautiful Place
Beautiful Place

Place I blindly parked the car
Place I blindly parked the car

Well, my first day of driving car in the United States had many thrilling stories —after miles and miles I drove, there were three endless directions always —I just stopped the car and looked around. I did not know where I was and I did not know where I was landing either. I was totally blind —which route led me to this place near a big building. In the parking lot, I just got into it. I walked out to observe the road-signs and the streets as well! Dusk awaited me, all I knew was driving but not the road and the direction toward my home. While driving on road, one could never ask about the route and the direction —spending about fifteen minutes on the road-junctions, I kept watching people around. At long last, I could get the right route by chance —which I never ever forget again! Thank God, He led me home …

As a matter of fact, it was hard to remember all the streets, parkways and junctions maintaining the speed of other cars in front, behind and both side of the lanes. Inexperience driving was another thing easily recognized while other cars behind me honked at me three or four times! I felt a little bit cocky that efternoon. Anyhow,  it was a tough experience to blindly got home not knowing the routes I had gone through!


Len luhna thlàkhlelhawm with great infatuation —

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