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Just to let you know that Nikon D60 is something if you know how to handle it well enough. I am a poor chap —I contemplated a lot which of the Nikon to buy … D40 or D60? I made a very careful comparison in every character they hold. I examined the Nikon D80 at the same time. The cost varies —but I chose D60 at length. Look at my pictures, you can see the outcome of the Nikon D60. If I make more bucks, I thought of buying a little bit and a better one other than D60. This is a true season of travel and a capturing season, my next program is to go to a Skyline Drive in West Virginia in the first week of this coming November. At this time, the color-change is only 40% yet, it’s better to wait for a little bit more. Once you get in to USA, the best time of year is Fall —especially in the north-eastern part of the continent.

In the first picture above, a hart came over the front door! How I very much hated that moment since I could not reach my 300mm zoom-lens! Oh! how I love to chase that HAeRT!


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  1. Mzvision said, on October 29, 2009 at 1:48 am

    Why change use this Nikon D60 unless you want to be photographer of National Geographic. Rather get some additional lens

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