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Within a 30-day span!

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on October 29, 2009



It’s been merely a 30-day since the inception of this fancy bLOG CABIN (September 29, 2009 —October 29, 2009). I get enthralled and find it hard to believe my eyes when I have happened to find  2,219  TIMES visitation (not individual visitor) on a month-old fledgling blog! On top of that, my messages are simple and very easy to understand. It carries no critical cryptogram for which you have to consult big books on phraseology or upon freshly coined idioms! Even the Mizoram High School students would not need look up any Dictionary —I hope so.

And the Mizo texts are richly-poor, entailed with funs and frolics —I hope you could be one of the visitors in days to come. I love to display any place I hung around which you may picture them too at the same time.

I am grateful to Mr Mzvision who adviced me to display some of my photo-collection, but I was so blind how I would establish one of a kind. I recalled a day in 2001 how I purchased a site for my own website —that did terminate after two years and I repurchased a site over and over again. And building an website was a challenge that time since I had no former knowledge of it. But, I truly appreciated one of my friends (Mr ST) who initiated his romance with “Kan zavaiin aw,” that time had a helpful tough struggle with me —one memorable day, we achieved the website upload and the animation we molded really did captivate everyone who were around us that time —locally and globally as well.

Mr Zaia, a smart young guy from Kolasib earnestly suggested me build a better one than I first established —he directly encouraged me on how I would improve its appearances and what things and pictures to exhibit for the general interest. That, I agreed upon his wise visions so that my Chawnghilh’s Blog is not clouded away in obscurity! I truly acknowledge to Mr Zaia for his zeals and wishful thinking—the architech of this blog—a good writer, a very fine song writer as well. He belongs to a LAIRIL blog ——

A mock-heroic Bah Morning Star attracted many guys to this blog. The day I created this blog on September 29 —there was 71 visitation—within a 30-day time span, as I browse open Chawnghilh’s Blog this morning, I found 2,219  times browsed open (but not the visitors altogether) —it made poor little Chawnghilh more little rich! Thank you Guys!

As a matter of fact, my dream-come-true in the collection of pictures all over the United States might have fascinated you. Let it be so! Bringing the US highways and their groceries over your desk-top could let you know how the people on the other side of the globe are around and all about! Likewise, let me call it a ‘photo-swap’ —the contribution of some of the amateur photographers from Mizoram (India), I do enjoy the pictures of the lush-green hilly native homeland of OURS and where all the rivers are yet incredibly safe to drink!

Thanks to all visitors —May God bless you and yours. So do I wish!


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  1. dr_feelgood said, on October 30, 2009 at 7:29 am

    I haven’t been following your blog till it was put on misual, but now I will. Nice to see the beautiful pics and interesting bits that goes with them. Keep on keeping on.

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