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Skyline-Drive, Virginia

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on November 7, 2009

Folks and friends,

At this HOUR —when you browse this webpage open, I might be on my way to the Skyline-Drive, Virginia. I would take two or a little bit more hours to drive down the Luray Cavern and its surrounding. I hope the tree-leaves are not yet shed altogether. It would be a great pleasure to walk on the golden carpet of dry-leaves —at this time of year. These pictures were shot last year —I hope you can enjoy with them and can picture where I hung around TODAY. I am willing to feed you back with more brighter pictures I’m gonna shoot today. Hope to meet you again on this webpage.

Skyline Drive winds 105 miles over the mountain of the park, affording panoramas of the valley to the west and the rolling country of the Piedmont to the east. On holidays and weekends in spring and fall, I am to expect congestion, as crowds slow down traffic to far below speed limit. Many lodges, campsites, eating places and sometimes stretches of the drive itself are closed from November through April. I hope to get along a smooth safety drive.

Luray Caverns —the largest caves in the eastern United States, are just west of the Skyline Drive. Water seepage over millions of years has created towering rack and mineral formations, a section of which has been transformed in to the world’s only “stalacpipe organ” where many couples’ weddings were conducted at this spot. Tours inside the cavern begin every 20 minutes. It is interesting to venture the inside once —not very much likely twice or more! Entrance to the final exit door took about an hour foot-journey, guided by lecturers —anything found inside the cave is extremely exotic and amazing. Seeming looks have been named specifically and accordingly that created more funs and frolics.

Miss you all!


Lawk lawk lawk …. Picture 2-naa chènna in kila lang tle ver vur, a chhìp mùm pel pul, sâng ang reng fûa an sak chhoh hi SILO an ti a; thlasik vûrin ram zawng zawng a bawh vàr iar uar laia an ranvulhte eitùr —buhpâwl ro leh thil dang an chhèk khàwlna ZEMPUI a ni ve ngai e. A lamrìk dàn chu SAILO a ni ve tawp mai! Ranrualte BUH-ZEM a nih ve mai chu 😳

Ràlkhata tlâng lang pàw ruih mai khi … BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN an tih chu a ni —John Denver-a hlaah pawh i sak tel ve ngei thin kha!                        

Blue Ridge Mountain, Shenandoah river … Country Road, Take me Home








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  1. hmingtea said, on November 8, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    In kawngte chu a trha ve tho mai; mahse kan khaw kawng aiin an zim hretin ka ring. Single lane one way a ni hmel a san dan vel chu hmun threnkhat nen a inang ve khawp mai. Mizoram-a awm ve atan a itawm; mahse kan accident tam lutuk ang tih a hlauhawm. Thuawina kan tlachham si a; red light-ah poh zan dar 2 velah tumah rawn tlan awm lo mah se kan ding hram zel ang hi kan ti ve peih lo tawp ang, Zoramah chuan

  2. hmingtea said, on November 8, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Ram pum pui kawngpui sirtuak leh kawng leh kawng inkara railing zozaite hi a man a tam duh viau awm trhin sia ti rawh, Zoram chu ni se thirchhia zawngin an lo tan ru emaw a ni ang a. Kan awmnaah chuan kawng hi an ren lo khawp mai. eg One way two line-ah te hian veilam leh dinglamah line eng —yellow strip an ti mai a, chumi line eng pawn lam chu tlan phal loh —motor chhe palhte dinna tura ruat a ni a, Zoram ang chu ni se two lane-ah hian duhtawka chakin motor pali a rualin kan tlan thei maw le. Chu pawh, kawng zim lai an ni leh nghal. Kan ram hi a tet ngaihtuah chuan kawng chu nei thra tak kan niin ka hria.

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