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A few Old Cars …

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on November 10, 2009

One hundred and twenty-five (125) variety of ANTIQUE Cars and Carts on display … here in Luray Caverns, Virginia. But, only a few of them is here for you. As a matter of fact, more than 140 items relating to the history of transportation are displayed in the Car & Carriage Caravan including cars, carriages and costumes from AD 1725. Do you love or like —old cars?




























Of all these, I have a deep passion for this kind of 1941 Wyllis Jeep —WW II Army Jeep.

Hope you know how the name JEEP originated?

Almost one hundred years ago, the Canadian Mounted Police on horseback saw this kind of vehicle for the very first time and asked what’s the name of the vehicle. The driver answered, “Gee Pee (GP),” —and GP means General Purpose.

And, the Canadian Mounted Police thought it was a JEEP (not as GP the driver meant to say General Purpose) —hence it’s present name has it’s root! Today, you openly call it a JEEP —be it a Wyllis or an Indian-made Mahindra Jeep!




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  1. bawmrang said, on November 10, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    Wyllis ka duhzia leh mawi ka tihzia hi chu a reh tawh dawn lo a nih hi. Burma-ah chuan a body an vaw chawp a. Engine an duhzawng zawng an bun a. Wyllis 4×4 USA tih an chhu ngei a. An inla ve thei raps. Chilthli tla lek lekin kan en liam ve vawng vawng trhin.

    Burma ka haw trum (2006) kha chuan uluk tawka siamtirin Burma Nuai 150 vel an seng tlangpui.

    • chawnghilh said, on November 10, 2009 at 7:26 pm

      Wyllis-ah pawh US Army JEEP kher kher, a head-light mit khur thuk chi ngei, a mud-guard chungah te hian light hi sipai takin invuah fur mai se, a rawng hring chul rap, lungrâl leh suahdùr pai ngei bawk se, a spare-tire a hnungah emaw, a pang sirah emaw han awm ngei sela, jerry-can pai sawi laih bawk se. A windshield hi a bonnet-cover-ah han kuai thla ngei bawk ila … chho kalte hi a’n thei mai mai khawp a. Pu R. Zuala phei chuan Jeep-in chho kal a theihzia a’n sawi tak tak mai chu, “A bonnet-cover hian Kâwl a hliah vek,” a ti hial asin. Wyllis Jeep original khan ka mit a la hip ber zel!

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