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This is my earnest acknowledgement to you all —I deeply feel grateful for your visitation. Within two months since October 2009 —I have a record of 5,079 visitations! This is beyond my expectation, I welcome everyone of you, have funs and frolics with whichsoever I have slated — 

Yellow trucks—that did collect dry-leaves, spread on the driveways by the area landscapers with their blowing-machines, came when the trees around us have no more leaves to shed. All that we now wait for is the first flake!

The trucks towed special machines that sucked in the dead-leaves and crushed the leaves in smaller pieces for the mulch. Youths in yellow-vest coat on white T-shirts and pants did the main job of raking and shovelling. They are miscreants—undergoing a Correctional School in this vicinity. As a matter of fact, they did not allow anyone taking their pictures, but I did it from their back so that there is no complain from them. Every street would be cleared by these kind of people from the Correctional Schools —they have their dutiful parts. This may bring you back to “The Dirty Dozen” you might come across for your individual entertainment. Everybody has importance!

Let me tell you a kind of story which is related to dead-leaves —

There is a legend that, when God created the earth and every thing upon it, he gave to every living thing an angel to watch over it. The birds, the trees, the deer, the flowers, and even the vegetables had an angel. He gave an angel charge of the common grass that grows in the fileds.

The angels seemed very happy and worked with loving care—all except the guardian of the common grass. This seemed too ordinary a task, and he did not tend the grass. Deprived of the rain, the sun, and the air, with which all other growing things were furnished by the careful ministry of the angels, the grass soon became yellow and dry.

After a time the angel of the flowers came before God and explained that, although he had faithfully tended the flowers, the grass in the meadow did not get the dew, the air, and the sun it needed. And because of the lack of care to the grass surrounding them, the flowers withered quickly.

Then the angel of the trees complained because the grass was dry and the brittle and the ground was caked and hard around the trees.

The angels of the deer, cattle, and other animals came before God saying there was no green grass for the creatures to eat. The world was fast becoming a desert place.

Then God looked around and saw the angel of the common grass standing disconsolately to one side.

“Do you think your task is too small  now?” he asked.

The angel fell down before the throne in sorrow.

“O God!” he cried. “You gave me a great task—far greater than I deserved. It was I who was small, petty, and complaining. Try me again, and I will gladly do my part.”

So the grass grew, the trees extended their roots and branches, the flowers bloomed, the animals were fed, and all the angels were happy.

There is no task which is common; all duties are important in the sight of the heavenly Father.


Do thy duty; that is best;
Leave unto thy Lord the rest.
James Russell Lowell

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  1. mzvision said, on December 1, 2009 at 5:06 am

    Everybody has one’s own share of role to play —be it work, social work or in the church and do it to the best to make each one happy.

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