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All India Radio, Shillong — 1977, 1978

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Station Master
All India Radio

My dear Sir,

Salaam Saheb, why say you make sing Lalsangzuali Sailo tomorrow but Lalupa Sailo and Party sing? Make program very clean, we sit down think of Lalsangzuali Sailo sing but Lalupa and Party sing why? Very very sorry in the jungle we sit we army is very think of our villej, song is friend but not Saikuti Zai, tell him Mr P S Chawngthu stop old song.

We sit in jungle, we don’t know our girlfriend and family and villej so pleased tell him Mr P S Chawngthu to say more of our new Mizoram history every day we don’t like other Vai Minister history of going to Bombay or Madras, we like to hear the now history and tomorrow history of Mizoram.

Mr P S Chawngthu is very good saying the history in Radio, his voice is like tiger voice he is man voice, tell him to say more and more history and new song play.

Attention, Salute

L. Patrick Kuki, P T Master
C/O 99APO —September 18, 1977

The Director
AIR Radio, Shillong


I am military human being living far in the big forest of mountains. I am only Mizo stayer among other friends, Radio is only my friend so please let them speak more Mizoram history, I must tell you my thinking.

1. Pu P S Chawngthu is very big voice. I can hear goodly tell him to talk more.

2. Pi V L Hrimi voice is beautiful. Make him sing only one song for me of the song “Lungruka’n.”

3. Pu L C Sailo is not nice in voice talking I cannot hear him nicely please tell him to repair his voice in future.

Your radio always make noise I cannot hear clear, my radio is good Murphy Radio Model 786701 I gave the shop keeper Rs. 750.00 —I listen other radio it very good but I listen Mizo radio it is not good. Why? Tell me.

Lalsangzuali Sailo is good please tell other.


L/Nk P C Lusai 23786
July 16, 1978


Len luhna thlàkhlelhawm with great infatuation —

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