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Jeremi Zobiaka

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on December 11, 2009


“When my life is over, I know just where I’ll be;
I’ll be with my savior, so don’t shed any tear for me,
I’ll be in the heaven, praising the Lord ever more,
Never again forsaken, Jesus will open the door”

The three-word sentence, ‘Man is mortal,’ cannot be ruled out as there’s no instance known yet of a man surviving. But a man passes away in 40s at the turn of the 21st century and that too a celebrity of rare excellence is an untimely seizure of a life. Here the celebrity is Jeremi Zobiaka popularly known as J.B – the forerunner of Rock Music in Mizoram departed his mortal body on August 16, 1999.

Born on April 18, 1953 at Saitual, Mizoram, eldest son of J. Pazawna and Hrângkhami Hnamte, among five brothers and one sister; he almost singly won all the awards for Best Male Vocalist and Best Rhythm at Beat Contests organized within and even outside Mizoram. Extremely gifted—JB—had composed 112 songs in English, not less than 10 songs in Mizo during his days as a rock musician. However, in 1991, JB was born again and his talent for singing and writing lyrics from then on was used to serve his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He later composed 23 Gospel songs in Mizo. He also cut and produced an album in English “Salvation to Everyone.” Which was of major success.

Started school in 1962 at Kalimpong till 1965. Passed Matriculation in 1970 and pursued higher studies at Shillong and Ahmednagar. Joined Govt. Services in 1973 was still in service as Junior Analyst under DP&AR, Govt. of Mizoram till his demise.

Jeremi Zobiaka had an undying love for music and in fact, was the pioneer of Western Music having the way for its popularity among the Mizo Youth in the early 70s. He had formed six Rock groups with his friends Young Generations, Creation Flame, Exodus, Crimson Dust, JB & Friends and Otto Band. During his heydays, he was struck by Cirrhosis of liver in 1994, which took a heavy toll on his health and prevented much of his movement. The last time he sang in public was in the month of November 1995 at Salvation Temple, Aizawl, where he had rendered the song “How Great Thou Art” to the glory of God. He continued to be a patient of Cirrhosis, having had to go to AIIMS, Delhi for treatment 15 times. Jeremi Zobiaka finally succumbed to death on August 16, 1999 at Civil Hospital, Aizawl but he lives in the memory and hearts of his wife and children —and his friends.

The death of Elvis Presley, the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll, was also announced on the same day!


Len luhna thlàkhlelhawm with great infatuation —

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