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Angling at Fletcher’s Fishing Harbor

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on December 18, 2009



Fresh-water Potomac River gurgles down in front of you. And you get a cool breeze as you sit on piles of craggy rock—look around the forests and fields—rivers and lakes are your playground. You are completely at home in God’s great outdoors. You learn to notice every sound, to observe every track. Birds and animals become your friends. You master the skills of walking noiselessly through the woods, of stalking close to a grazing deer without being noticed, of bringing a bird to you by imitating its call. You learn to find your way cross-country by map and compass, to make a meal when you are hungry, to take a safe swim when you are hot, to make yourself comfortable for the night in a tent or under the stars. You become a true outdoorsman.

Today, you are an American guy or gay—whatsoever you prefer! You will be an American elderly soon! It is important to America and to yourself that you become an active citizen of fine character, physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Your daily deal helps you become that kind of citizen, fellowship and fun. It’s a fun to be YOU, yourself!  It’s fun to go hiking and camping with your best friends — to swim, to dive, to paddle a canoe, to wield an ax… to follow in the footsteps of the pioneers who led the way through the wilderness … to raise your eyes to the heavens … to stare into the glowing embers of a campfire and dream of the wonders of the life that is in store for you.

Dip not your bare-feet below the wet silt where otters and beavers nestle —lest they nibble away your treasured BIG TOES! And, do not get upset when you hook no tad-fish with your gutstring-entwined long rod! You can just simply swap your dimes for the shrimps, squids and octopus from the GIANT or any H-Mart close to your beer-carton filled dungeon!



Lèn luhna thlàkhlelhawmte —

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