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Beautiful or Sexy?

Posted in Qualitus : Habitus by chawnghilh on December 31, 2009

 Courtesy : Lianhmingthanga, Tuikual – Aizawl

Beauty brings out who you are;
sexy hides everything great about you.
Beauty draws people to your heart;
sexy draws them to your body.
Beauty leaves someone awestruck;
sexy leaves him lustful.
Beauty makes people mystied;
sexy makes them imagine.
Beauty takes their breath away;
sexy takes away their good judgment.
Beauty is both inside and outside;
sexy only goes skin deep.
Beauty makes them think about the person;
sexy makes them think only of the body.
Beauty makes people think about your heart, your dreams, your goals;
sexy makes them think about you without clothes.
Beauty is innocent and pure;
sexy screams “experience.”
Beauty makes them think about who you’ll be someday;
sexy makes them think about what you can give them right now.
Beauty makes people notice God’s hand;
sexy makes them forget why He created us.
Beauty gives glory to our Creator;
sexy takes away from who He is.
Beauty re-ects the love of Jesus;
sexy hides what His amazing love and salvation can do.
Which do you choose to pursue?


Another MESSAGE is coming —before the Gregorian New Year bell chimes! Happy New Year for AD 2010 and thanks to Divine having given us a blessed 2009!



Lèn luhna thlàkhlelhawmte   


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